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How often should I have a psychic reading? - 11th February 2012

I get asked this many a time! Every person has a psychic reading for a different reason, which can vary in complexity. I liken it to getting your nails manicured or having a relaxing massage - some people wouldn't think it strange to have their nails manicured every week, whilst others may have it as a one-off treat for a party.

I give short and long term information in my tarot readings, so if you only speak to me once you will have enough information to see you through! Quite a lot of clients come for that one off psychic reading - they may have never thought of having a tarot card reading before, but maybe they have recently lost a relative or stuck in a rut with a romantic relationship and need direction that they can't get from anywhere else.

Whilst others see a psychic reading like they do a hair cut - it's that regular treat which gets them focused and feeling in control of their destiny. One month you might have a reading to discuss your love life, and then later decide to have a tarot reading based on your career.

Remember that your free will is the strongest power you have, and you can change your direction in a heart beat - which can mean that information given in a previous psychic reading may change due to your change in motivation/decision.

Psychic readings are no replacement for professional counselling, and I will continue to decline readings to people who are suicidal or depressed and make sure I give them the phone number for the professional services that are offered, which is why I have these numbers permanently on my website as I realise some people browse the internet when they are at a very low ebb and if they come across my website it is my responsibility to ensure they receive the service they need at that time. Unlike other psychic phone lines who may only care about their clients - I also care about people who may not be a client but happen to stumble across my website.

So you can see the answer isn't simple - some clients I speak to once a week, a month, a year, or once in a lifetime!

If I think a client is having too many readings I will decline to read for them - if you have too many readings you will not get any new information and therefore not get the best out of your psychic readings. Psychic Readings are great, but be careful not to get hooked. You have utmost control over your life, and you and only you are responsible for your life choices.