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Premier psychic team - committed to giving you all the information you need to make the best choices in life.

psychic readingsThe owner and manager of Spirit Reader Psychics and is a gifted Tarot Reader and Clairaudient - and has taken years to bring this team of psychics to you. You need answers - and that is what we strive to give you, every time - with compassion. All the team give clients clear direction, leading you onto a fulfilling future - everytime. No "airy fairy" general psychic readings - only straight to the point readings, so you leave your reading with crystal clear information. This is a high standard which we require of all the Psychic Team.

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The original Spirit Reader - Hayley - has been giving readings since 1999. Since the age of 13 our owner began giving psychic readings to friends and relatives, then at the age of 16 became a professional psychic. The original Spirit Reader is now committed to running Spirit Reader Psychics, appearing in the media, teaching and writing - at present she does not offer private readings due to these commitments.

"We are here to pass on messages from the Spirit World, with compassion and understanding, whether it is answers you are seeking in your love life, your career, or personal life. My team are happy to answer specific questions; and give detailed answers. You will leave your reading with a clear direction of the options coming your way."

Spirit Reader is a proud member of Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) and the London Tarot Society.

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Disclaimer: In accordance with UK law we must state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only and no guarantee can be given as to accuracy. The client is responsible for their own life choices and decisions. We aee not qualified to give legal or medical advice. If you need legal, medical or other professional advice please seek a licensed professional. Over 18s only. Use of this service indicates you agree with our Terms and Conditions.