The practice of predicting the future using specialised tools and rituals.

What is the difference between Psychics and Mediums?

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Not all understand that there is a difference in the way Psychics and Mediums work, even though they have similar skills. The media has helped to blur the lines between the two so I hope the following brief explanation is informative.

You may have heard of 'Platform Mediums' who work in public, either on stage or in spiritualist churches as well as providing one to one consultations. Their main focus in this kind of work is to prove life after death by communicating with the spirit of those who have passed on, 'mediating' messages of love and reassurance to those who grieve with sufficient detail to enable those receiving the messages to recognise the source. They do not provide future predictions. If you do not need future predictions but you solely want to contact a particular Spirit, then a Mediumship reading would be best for you. I have some very gifted mediums who work for me on my psychic phone line. Do be aware though that the medium cannot summons a spirit but can only channel those who approach so you might be disappointed if you had someone particular in mind.

Some mediums 'see' spirit {clairvoyance}, some 'hear'{clairaudience}, some 'sense' {clairsentience} and some, have combined skills. This is also true of psychics, though my function is not to prove life after death but to seek inner guidance for their clients to move forward.

Psychics often use tools to help them connect, such as Tarot cards, offering a focus and the psychic using their knowledge, experience, and intuitive abilities to interperet them.

I have developed my Psychic skill over the years, and because of this I focus my readings on the future although I use my clairaudient skills to contact your Spirit guide for advice, the main focus of the reading is your future path. I cannot guarantee to contact a particular spirit for you. Being clairaudient is the power to hear sounds and voices that are outside of the natural range of hearing. This form of psychic power enables me to be able to converse with Spirit.