The practice of predicting the future using specialised tools and rituals.


What to Expect from a Reading

If you have never had a tarot reading before, read on! You may be unsure about what actually takes place. And given the often inaccurate representations of psychics on television and in films, you may already have preconceived ideas about psychic readings that are based totally on fiction. Readings performed by experienced, talented professionals have little to do with eerie mystics consulting crystal balls but rather provide gentle guidance and hope for a future full of bright possibilities.

This article offers some useful information about what really goes on during a psychic reading. With realistic expectations and accurate information, you can approach your reading confidently and with a relaxed mind and peaceful heart. [read more]

What is Divination?

Since time immemorial, humans have sought to predict important events before they happen. Early man studied the night sky, weather patterns, and animal behaviours to identify signs and patterns, then interpreted the subtle nuances supplied by nature to foretell upcoming occurrences. Gifted individuals found they could read signs and symbols easier than others; these individuals became the medicine men and women, shamans, oracles, druids, and gurus that others sought out to assist them with spiritual matters. Over time, cultures around the world, such as Egyptians, Celts, Romans, Native Americans, and Chinese, developed diverse rituals and traditions for divining the future these traditions form the basis for divination methods used today. Simply stated, divination is the practice of predicting the future using specialised tools and rituals. This article explores some of the various divination methods that have survived into modern times. [read more]

What is the difference between Psychics and Mediums?

Not all understand that there is a difference in the way Psychics and Mediums work, even though they have similar skills. The media has helped to blur the lines between the two so I hope the following brief explanation is informative.

You may have heard of 'Platform Mediums' who work in public, either on stage or in spiritualist churches as well as providing one to one consultations. Their main focus in this kind of work is to prove life after death by communicating with the spirit of those who have passed on, 'mediating' messages of love and reassurance to those who grieve with sufficient detail to enable those receiving the messages to recognise the source. They will not provide 'predictions' for the future. If you do not need future 'predictions' but you solely want to contact a particular Spirit, then a Mediumship reading would be best for you. Do be aware though that the medium cannot summons a spirit but can only channel those who approach so you might be disappointed if you had someone particular in mind. [read more]

Psychic Readings Do's and Don'ts

Do: Respond to your psychic reading I need some feedback. Let me know if I am picking up the right thing for you I may be psychic, but I do not mind read! If I haven't gone down the right track, please speak up. When I see something for you I will describe what I am seeing and ask you if it rings true with your current situation. The clearer and direct you are with me, the quicker I will be able to connect with you and your current situation. [read more]