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Top five questions to ask a Telephone Psychic - 3rd August 2013

Attempting to get psychic telephone readings might seem like nonsense to some. There are fakes out there and you have to be on your guard, but a true psychic picks up energy from the universe. They feel... [read more]

Do reversed tarot cards mean anything? - 30th April 2013

Yes, Tarot Cards do have one meaning per card - BUT and there is a big but - each card if it's the right way up as the meaning to the fullest.... [read more]

Top questions people ask psychics - 20th January 2013

Don't worry what other people ask - ask what is on YOUR mind, and what is keeping you awake at night? This is what you should be asking - don't leave your reading thinking.... [read more]

What can the Tarot cards tell you? - 19th November 2012

Tarot cards are used to show you what will happen if you did nothing, and the further more gives you information as to what potentially could happen.... [read more]

Are we meant to be together? - 11th October 2012

If you asking yourself this question, then I would probably say the answer is no - you should feel confident in your relationship, and if you don't then there is something wrong. No one else can make you feel confident apart from your partner.... [read more]

How do you know when your psychic? - 24th September 2012

I get asked every day - and what I would say is that although I think we all have intuition we all have talents - and being psychic is a talent and must be perfected and practised. Yes, it can come naturally - but like a natural athele, they still need.... [read more]

What are Tarot Readings? - 9th September 2012

This week I thought I would go back to basics and cover the question "what are Tarot readings?" Firstly, you do not have to be psychic to be able to read them, you can read for yourself and learn a lot! You can approach a tarot reading in two ways.... [read more]

Tarot Card Meanings For Dummies - 19th August 2012

Tarot Cards are for everyone, not just for professionals! Everyone has to start somewhere, and what I would recommend, is that you pick up one card a day and look at the image you see - what does it represent for you - first look.... [read more]

Why do psychics use Tarot Cards? - 5th August 2012

I use the Tarot Cards as a Tool - some psychics use Tea Leafs, Crystals, etc. - all are forms of divination. When you have a psychic reading, the psychic uses their gift to pass on messages of guidance for the future - and for me, I seem.... [read more]

Why do psychics ask for your name? - 19th July 2012

Should psychics know your name? Yes - I can often predict names - but you are a client and to show respect I need to be able to call you by your name! A reading is not about me proving.... [read more]

Why do different psychics say different things? - 24th June 2012

I often get asked by clients "I had a psychic reading by someone, they said "this" and then I went someone else and they said "that". Life is a journey with many different routes and.... [read more]

Why are Tarot Readings so popular? - 15th June 2012

Think of Tarot Cards as pieces of the puzzle we call life each card represents a scenario and emotions linked to that emotion so no matter what you are going through in your life, the.... [read more]

Are Psychics Real? - 29th May 2012

This is one of the unanswered questions of nature and science. In a world that has had its share of successes and failures of everything, good and bad in every industry; it is only legitimate that one would question almost everything. The first question.... [read more]

How does fear hold you back? - 14th May 2012

I was reading a magazine article about fear today - and it was saying how the greatest fear for adults is not heights, flying, or even spiders - no, actually it is love! Some people will actually avoid getting into a.... [read more]

How do Psychics Work? - 2nd May 2012

There are many individuals throughout the world who have come into contact with a psychic at one point during their lives. With the use of the assistance provided to individuals via a psychic...... [read more]

How to Spring Clean your Mind and Body - 26th March 2012

With summer in the air and spring just around the corner, you know it is time for spring cleaning. Now while most assume spring cleaning is mentioned in the sense of cleaning and tidying your...... [read more]

What do dreams mean? - 22nd February 2012

Have you ever woken up from a full night's sleep feeling groggy and disoriented? This might be because you skipped REM sleep, the phase when dreaming occurs...... [read more]

How often should I have a Psychic Reading? - 11th February 2012

I get asked this many a time! Every person has a psychic reading for a different reason, which can vary in complexity. I liken it to getting your nails manicured or having a relaxing massage..... [read more]

Men and Psychic Readings - 23rd January 2012

This week I was sent an email from a client asking - "Do men have psychic readings?" He sounded very much like he needed acceptance or knowledge that he wasn't the only man to ever ask for a..... [read more]

New Years Resolutions - 2nd January 2012

I love New Years Day; a chance for me to really take a look at where I am now in my live and see what lessons I can learn to be better in the coming year. I would say its very important..... [read more]