Gentle guidance and hope for a future full of bright possibilities.

Psychic Reading Do's and Don'ts

Do: Prepare for your psychic reading and have a few questions ready to ask

When you book a psychic reading have a goal/purpose in mind. Very general questions, such as what does the future hold, leaves a very wide scope to what you want to know, and makes it hard for your spirit guides to know exactly what guidance you are seeking at this time. Focus on what is important in your life now. A vague question may result in a mixed psychic reading. Don't by shy to ask! I do not judge anyone, so no matter what guidance you need big or small, do ask. Some clients choose to bring a list of questions with them. Come to your psychic reading relaxed and open.

Do: Respond to your psychic reading

I need some feedback. Let me know if I am picking up the right thing for you I may be psychic, but I do not mind read! If I haven't gone down the right track, please speak up. When I see something for you I will describe what I am seeing and ask you if it rings true with your current situation. The clearer and direct you are with me, the quicker I will be able to connect with you and your current situation.

Don't: Expect decisions to be made for you

Have a psychic reading for guidance, an opinion from your guides and the Tarot cards but do not expect any psychic or medium to run your life for you. I can often give guidance as to when things are likely to happen but if you want exact dates based on your star sign an astrology report can be a great addition to your psychic reading. Have a realistic view use the information gained in your psychic reading to move forward to your goals, but do not expect your life to miraculously change after your psychic reading I do not provide spells. Hard work, determination, and knowledge will get you where you need to be in life. Much like joining a gym - you have to attend to see results!

Don't: Come to a psychic reading if you are closed minded

If you are coming just for fun that's fine just please keep positive. If you are defensive or negative I will find it hard to connect with you, and you won't get the best out of your psychic reading. Also, please do not have a psychic reading when you are intoxicated from alcohol or drugs. If I think you may be intoxicated, then I will not be able to read for you. I need your energy to be focused and open.