Gentle guidance and hope for a future full of bright possibilities.

What to Expect from a Reading

If you have never received a psychic reading before, you may be unsure about what actually takes place. And given the often inaccurate representations of psychics on television and in films, you may already have preconceived ideas about psychic readings that are based totally on fiction. Readings performed by experienced, talented professionals have little to do with eerie mystics consulting crystal balls but rather provide gentle guidance and hope for a future full of bright possibilities.

This article offers some useful information about what really goes on during a psychic reading. With realistic expectations and accurate information, you can approach your reading confidently and with a relaxed mind and peaceful heart.

Client Participation

A psychic reading is not a passive experience - your openness and involvement are absolutely crucial for a successful reading. In addition, it might be useful to reflect on your questions prior to the reading, as preparation really does help you get the most out of the experience. For face to face or telephone readings, you may even wish to create a list of questions beforehand so that nothing gets missed. Remember that a psychic reading is all about you. Relax and enjoy yourself!

Readings are Always Private

Whether your reading is held in person, over the phone, or via email, you can be sure that our discussion is kept in the strictest confidence. Psychic readings can and often do reveal surprising details about your life and personality. In addition, many clients seek advice about matters of great personal concern, such as prospects for a new relationship or a career change. No matter what topics may arise during a reading, you may rely on my respect, acceptance, and discretion.

Is my future set in stone?

I must stress that you control your life, and no one else. When a psychic like myself, sees future events, they are seeing the most likely results of the current momentum in your life. Momentum is the path we set going forward by our motivations, intentions and beliefs. Any momentum you have created, you can uncreate and, ultimately, change the final outcome. The future is not set, and we always have a choice. A psychic can tell you what the choices are and what the effect of different choices will be. Sometimes people think if a psychic said it, then it MUST be happen. No...If a psychic said it, then it is on a path, but there are still choices. Most Psychics can feel events in relationship to the cycles in your life. If you significantly alter those rhythms, your life readjusts and events might occur sooner or later as a result.

What NOT to expect from psychic reading

A good psychic will never say any thing detrimental to your life or relationships. For example, you will never be told to leave your job or to end your relationship. I will never tell you "bad" news about death or deceit as that information may effect your life path, which I am not here to do. I work closely with your spirit guide, who wants only the best for you and your reading, so they will not pass on messages that will upset, scare or hurt you.

Types of Readings

Thanks to my natural psychic gifts, my clients enjoy readings that take advantage of several divination techniques. Whether in person, over the telephone, or via email, I utilize the tools available to me to give you the clear, considerate reading you deserve. As a clairvoyant, I use my mind to access a higher energy vibration and interpret the images I see to provide my clients insight into their lives. This form of psychic reading is generally unaided by any tangible tools such as Tarot cards but rather relies on my innate psychic talent. As I can sense energy no matter where a client is, I can perform this type of reading regardless of your location. In fact, I have successfully worked with international clients that I've never met in person.

Tarot cards use ancient esoteric symbols and universal archetypes to offer visual cues for interpreting energy patterns. Cards are placed on the table in a specific pattern; each position in the pattern representing a person, time, or event. Reading the cards requires many years of experience and a keenly intuitive mind for optimum success. I have dedicated countless hours to perfecting my card reading ability to offer you polished, professional results. Angel cards are ideal for spiritual guidance and personal enlightenment. These cards use kind words and inspirational images to convey tidings of hope, healing, and illumination. Meditating on the loving, uplifting messages from angel card readings can assist you in mentally coping with any challenges you may face.

About that Death card ...

We've all seen at least one television programme in which a gypsy fortuneteller turns over a Tarot card depicting a grinning skeleton and ominously predicts a client's demise. In reality, despite its gloomy name and appearance, the Death card foretells any type of change or transformation in your life. Life is full of endings, for example, leaving a failing relationship to pursue a more promising one, which may be described as "deaths". Without these endings, or deaths, we cannot experience the delight of a new beginning and the spiritual growth that comes with following a new path.

It is important to note that a professional psychic will absolutely never foretell death or serious illness for a client or their loved ones. If you do have any medical concerns, you must speak to a doctor as no psychic can ever predict health issues in detail. While Tarot readings frequently uncover striking details about your current situation, and even offer some handy advice on how to proceed, the tone of a reading is always one of optimism and self-empowerment. You should leave a reading feeling hopeful and excited to meet your future, never depressed or despondent. Using the Tarot, we can tap into the energies surrounding you at this moment and gain understanding about how these energies may affect you now and in the future.

Where Do the Answers Come From?

In a word, me! When performing a psychic reading, I utilize my natural gifts and abilities to "translate" the symbols of the Tarot or my psychic impressions into meaningful information for my clients. I do not communicate with some outside entity (certainly not a devil, contrary to a popular misconception about psychics) to receive direction during a reading. Further, I do not consult a one-size-fits all handbook or reference guide each reading requires personalized impressions and interpretations to best meet your unique needs.

You are the Master of Your Destiny

A psychic reading can be a powerful, life-affirming experience for you. At no time should you feel uneasy or fearful during a reading, as the possibilities we explore are merely that and ultimately the choices you make control your destiny. A tarot reading is not a replacement for sound medical, financial, or legal advice and I urge you not to approach it as such. A psychic reading cannot make decisions for you or bind you to unchangeable outcomes. Never give away your personal power you truly are the author of your own life story!